Gather builds brands and marketing campaigns for the social good.


Gather: To cause to increase in force, speed, intensity

We focus on innovative ways to build brands and communities and turn moments into movements that make an impact.


Gather: To learn from information and experiences

 We come with a deep understanding and experience on the issues and in mobilize people around them.


Gather: To muster up

 We speak our mind. We are passionate advocates. We believe issues and organizations deserve better.


Gather: To bring close

 We work intimately with our clients, taking on just a couple projects


Gather: To assemble and take in from scattered places

 We Gather the best folks for the job, and coordinate ambitious efforts we are all in this together.

Simon Isaacs


Simon Isaacs is the Founder and CEO of GATHER. Simon is heralded as a leader in cause-marketing and grassroots movement building. Simon works intimately with the world's leading nonprofits, foundations and corporations to build and run some of the largest and most impactful campaigns for social good.  In 2007, Simon founded Do Good Well, one of the first boutique firms to specialize in cause-related marketing. Simon subsequently developed and led the Sustainability Marketing division for ignition Inc. As a result, ignition rose as a leader in corporate and consumer brand cause-related marketing and won many top industry awards. Simon has worked intensively around the world in countries such as Rwanda, where he led The Clinton Foundation's work on safe water and agriculture. Simon began his career with the United Nations Foundation where at 23, he raised more than $30 million in corporate partnerships in support of the UN's disaster and development efforts and played an integral part in launching a $500 million revolving fund for disaster response. Simon serves as a member of Invisible Children's Board of Directors. test

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